A very special choir piece

The rehearsal of this special choir piece (see above)

Kunstfactor - Unisono (NL)

Dirigent Startpagina (NL)

Koormuziek Startpagina (NL)

Vocalweb (NL)

Koorbiennale 5, 26 juni-4 juli 2009 Haarlem

Europa Cantat XVII, 17-26 juli 2009 Utrecht




to be continued


After 15 years of conducting by Ger Vos, Vivavoce shows a remarkable uniformity...


A nice canon to warm up the voice, containing several items like articulation, resonance and voice range.







                                                            "Move the baton until the music stops,                        "Could you please move your arms a bit less,
                                                                      than turn around and bow"                                                 I can't see anything this way"

"Stage Entrance"

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